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guest post by Sheri Ward

I am a knitter. Actually, truth be told, I am becoming a knitter. I picked it up after a 40-year hiatus and found to my surprise that I enjoy it. I certainly have a long way to go, but I am on my way.

Often, when I look at a new and unfamiliar pattern, I find myself scanning the instructions all the way to the end. And usually, I think to myself, “oh this is way too complicated!” Or, “this looks like too much work.” But recently I’ve taken a new approach: one stitch, one row at a time. I try not to look only at the end result but to focus on the process, to have faith that the pattern will be revealed in time.

My journey towards my first Ironman 70.3 triathlon is much the same. I have found myself at times looking at the big picture—not necessarily a bad thing to do. But I am realizing that I need to trust the process too: one day at a time, one tough workout at a time. To believe that the hours I’m putting in will all be woven together to create something beautiful on July 24, race day.

Because I’m not an accomplished knitter, there are times when I mess up, times when I get stuck trying to figure out how to fix my mistakes, the difficulties I encounter. It’s often tempting to just give up and pack it in.

Right now I’m nursing a sore foot and ankle. My training runs this week just are not happening. My first inclination was, just like my knitting, to pack it in. The thought, “you’re too old to be doing this anyway” kept picking at my determination.

I try not to look only at the end result but to focus on the process, to have faith that the pattern will be revealed in time.

But then I thought about knitting and realized that I can try to do something about this. So I started going for physio. It turns out I have a very tight soleus and gastrocnemius, which are affecting my foot. We are working together to fix this blip on my training screen, and I am encouraged. After all, I can still get in the pool and have a great swim, and I’m seeing significant improvement on the bike, too.

I am fortunate to have great coaches who constantly challenge me—numero uno being my amazing daughter, Jen. (Who knew you could go into someone’s iCal and plug in all their training workouts and rest days?) Her encouragement and cheering along the way has been so motivating.

So, much like my knitting, I will trust the process. I will see this dream of mine to fruition, becoming something beautiful.

One swim at a time.

One ride at a time.

And hopefully soon again, one run at a time.

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