just say yes

I’ve been whining too much lately. On these pages and in person. But then I remembered it’s fall, my favorite season, and this morning’s sunshine—coming sideways through the trees the way it does at this time of year—made me feel bad about being down.

As a blogger and an extrovert, I’m a public person. This little corner of the internet is my diary of sorts, a stream of consciousness directed outward. Why? Maybe because I like being known. Maybe because I want to be understood. That, and I just like to write shit down. (Plus, with this month’s no-alcohol experiment, I don’t have too many options left to take the edge off the sharper things in life.)

Our 30-34 podium at Life Time Tri Oceanside.

I know that wisdom and maturity are found in being at peace when things aren’t going your way, when you’re feeling disappointed and blasé. But I’m afraid I’m just not very good at that yet. (As recent articles have explored, happiness shouldn’t really be the point anyway.) Guilt trip for how I should or shouldn’t be feeling aside, the fog of the past few weeks lifted over the weekend, and for that I’m glad.

In the spirit of this writer’s attempt not to complain for seven days straight, here are five things that are making me happy on this very plain, but very sunny, Tuesday in October.

1. Friendships. A spontaneous Saturday shopping rendezvous. Casual dinners with friends and post-race brunches with people who feel like family.

2. Racing. Crossing the finish line at Sunday’s Life Time Tri Oceanside with no chest issues brought an unexpected high. Placing second made the day even sweeter. I forgot how much fun it is to go short, and was pleasantly surprised by the 7:40 pace these untrained legs eked out on the day.

The crew at Oceanside. (Left to right: Reid, who placed second in his age group, Charisa, who was a cheering machine, Mark, the best sherpa ever, me rocking the number 2/peace sign, and Peyton, who won her age group after a crash AND a flat tire!)

3. Running. This morning’s 2.5 hour run. Besides the normal tired legs and a blister I didn’t know my toes were capable of producing, it was a success. My last run that even remotely resembled a long run was 1:40 on September 24th. And due to things I’m sick of talking about, I haven’t logged more than 50 minutes of running in the last four weeks. Bolstered by Sunday’s race, however, I set out this morning to test my endurance. I kept it very easy, and when my body didn’t protest, made an agreement to go as long as my legs and head would allow.

Why am I running for 2.5 hours on a Tuesday morning? It was the second of two tests I devised for myself to help settle my Ironman Arizona decision: 1-A good race on Sunday, and 2-a good run today.

I guess I’m going to Arizona in two weeks. Queue the Air B&B search, and a sigh of relief for those who’ve had to listen to me flip-flop for the past month.

So Cal fam and cheering squad extraordinaire at Sunday’s race.

4. John Oliver. Because there’s always something to laugh about, and laughing always feels good, no matter how down you are. This guy always manages to make me laugh AND think with his blend of hilarious and intelligent social commentary. (Pick your poison: Miss America (below) or his rant on Olive Garden.)

5Bacon for breakfast. Twice in the last four days. Baked on a rack so the fat renders off and crisps up like pastry. I could give up bread for that.