wide open weekend

Weekends usually bring rays of sunshine, literally and metaphorically. But when you throw a bunch of fun bucket-list items into the mix, they’re even better.

I was able to check a few items off my happy list over the weekend, days three and four of my 30-day challenge. “Read something on paper” (cookbooks count, right?), “host more,” “swim in the ocean,” and “try a new fermentation project.” We also hit the Clairemont Mesa Asian markets, which I’m counting as “be adventurous,” however tame.

Congregating at the cove for a swim and run.

Fresh red bean Chinese pancakes. “Try a new food,” check.

There was the usual Saturday morning bike ride, but instead of checking something off a training plan, the hubby, a friend and I started late, after coffee. There was a glass-clear swim at La Jolla cove, followed by six miles of hills with one of my favorite training partners. It reminded me how much I love to run with other people, something I don’t do nearly enough of.

Beets and Japanese eggplant. Fingers crossed.

On Sunday afternoon I spent some quality time with Mr. Sandor Katz, and came out with the fermented beet and Japanese eggplant experiments above. (I chose the brining approach instead of dry salting). I followed that up with a happy hour with my Nytro Women team mates, and then Mark grilled up a Korean short ribs/kimchi/roasted cauliflower dinner. Later, there were just enough mint juleps, popcorn, and Dexter watching to lull me into a nice long sleep.

And I didn’t have to get up at 5:30. Fancy that.

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