exercise dessert

For day one I chose yoga from my list of mini challenges. Partly because I’m finishing up my six free classes at Yoga Six, and partly because I’m just really loving it these days.


Today’s hot “fusion” class was mostly mellow, but with a bit of quicker-pace sequences thrown in for good measure. I love how yoga compliments triathlon training. In my mom’s words, yoga is like “exercise dessert” for me. It represents everything the other three sports do not, while challenging me to incorporate those very things into┬ámy swimming, biking and running: length, breath, openness, focus, concentration, joy, posture, grace, accepting limits, pushing limits.

I wish I had more time for yoga in heavy Ironman training. I often crave the “clean” feeling it leaves me with–the hour’s worth of sweating off the expectations, deadlines, and missed targets of my day.

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