paleo day 4: egg yolks by another name

Day Four’s in the bag. To be honest, I’ve only craved dairy a few times, and grains not once. Some of the transition issues, which shall remain nameless, have dissipated. I still have a bit of a dry mouth, despite drinking lots of water.

And I’ve learned a few things, too. For one, the yolks from hard-boiled eggs, whisked into olive oil and lemon juice (vinegar, sadly, is not allowed) make a great excuse for a “creamy” salad. I was supposed to have bison and greens tonight, but I had a few things that needed to be used kicking around, so whipped up this uber-colorful salad. Romaine, spinach, grapefruit, peppers, a boiled egg, shredded chicken, red onions, Craisins, and my new favorite dressing–which you’ll see on the second picture. It was so big I didn’t have a plate large enough.

Another thing about this new way of eating: you appreciate variety and “treats” a whole lot more. I will be glad when my massive Costco bag of spinach is gone and I can try some Swiss chard. Crunchy cravings are satisfied by almonds and carrots. A small glass of wine (technically a cheat item but OK’d by my coach for special occasions, which I deemed Day Three and Four of my experiment. Uh, oops?

I have a TON of energy. Almost jittery energy, which I’m not sure is good or bad. On my mid-day bike ride today, I was pretty hyped-up, but I’m not sure if this is because of increased coffee consumption or the merits of Paleo eating. I find I am craving more than the usual one cup a day of coffee. This could be because of the lack of simple carbs, or the fact that our office now has a proper coffee maker.

I know, I know. Four pictures of a salad? I finally dragged out the good camera for this one, straying from the usual dim light and shaky hand iPhone photos. A woman will do crazy things when deprived of popcorn, Chobani, and her husband (for the past month, too!)

Another thing I’ve learned is that gimmicks are sometimes cool. Like these produce bags from my mother-in-law. They actually work! My cilantro and romaine have stayed crisp longer than I care to publicly admit. As for that family-of-eight sized bag of spinach from Costco? Maybe I don’t want that to stick around forever (though it is fantastic wilted in coconut oil. Paleo for a month will teach you some crazy things!) Off to bed. I bumped the early-morning swim I planned for today to tomorrow, so it’s up and at ’em at 5:30.

But first, one last sip of red wine.

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