Kind Coffee

On Friday I finished the first semester of my journalism masters, also known as bootcamp. The six week program is the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications’ way of welcome us into the world of reporting and story telling, and let me tell you, it lived up to its combative name. Thankfully, I was able to relate a few of my assignments to food.

Over the past month, I barely had time to EAT let alone cook and take pretty pictures for this ol’ blog. But I missed it. Instead of scheming and dreaming over farmer’s markets finds, I was churning out story after story on the happenings of Syracuse, whether real or fake. (Click the link to see a video presentation made of our disaster drill).

The one I am sharing with you today I am very proud of. To prepare us for the increasingly multimedia world of news, my team members and I were assigned these “soundslides.” (You’ll start to see more of them on news organizations’ websites.) We had two days, 9-5, to shoot, edit, interview, sound edit, compile and convert all our footage into this package. The topic was “a person with an unusual job,” and since Mark and I used to buy our coffee from this guy before we started roasting our own, I decided he might be a good subject. My team agreed, and here is what we produced. Enjoy!


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