the hunger games: lao village

It’s not that I expected bunnies and tulips on the first day of spring, but snow? How horribly anticlimactic. The vernal equinox rode in on roaring winds today, with just a tease of sunshine dueling for a hold over the late afternoon. In an attempt to counter the dismal reality of a persistent winter, we gathered up some friends and sought hot food from climates far more vernal than our own.



A generous Canadian friend treated us to Lao Village, a restaurant we’ve heard nothing but raves about. This diminutive downtown Laotian and Thai restaurant exceeded our expectations. I immediately noticed the simple and cheery presentation. I know that good food can redeem even styrofoam, but I am quickly won over by good food beautifully accessorized. That’s why going out to eat is so special. Not only should it (hopefully) be food you’d struggle to make as good at home, but it should tug your aesthetic heartstrings a little as well.

The vegetables, as we had heard, were fresh, bright and crisp. Each dish had a distinct assortment of textures and spice. The rice was plentiful, helping to counter the tongue-tearing heat of some of the dishes. I had the Massaman Seafood Curry, on the recommendation of my little bro who is traveling in Southeast Asia. The cuisine seemed authentic, adorned with fresh basil, lime leaves and sliced chilies. But what do we know?


Service is friendly and very accommodating, and it’s such an obvious pick over the Subway next door I wonder how the sandwich franchise stays in business. Dinner entrees are between $6.95 and $11.95. If you live in the Syracuse area, be sure to check out this local gem. They offer lunch, take-out and dinner service.

Lao Village (I’m not sure where the “s” went off to either)
208 West Genesee St.
Syracuse, NY
(315) 435-8151

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