spoony sundays #3 (or how to chop an onion)

I’ve learned a lot through this blog. It’s kind of like getting a pet– it changes your life significantly less than having a baby, but you still have to adapt. You have to feed it posts for it’s healthy growth, and make sure they’re quality ones, like Purina Puppy Chow. You have to make sure it’s loved and looked after, and give it plenty of fresh air.

nervous throat clearing, onset of feelings of failure

I’m currently “spring breaking” with family and friends in Canada, and have thus been unable to post a proper Spoony Sundays post involving hours of chopping, salivating, and food photographing. Because of this hiatus from my kitchen, I’ve had to feed my blog a little treat instead of its full serving of essential nutrients:

A technique post! Besides, doesn’t every good soup start with a properly chopped and fragrantly sauteed onion?

After all these years, working alongside chefs and experimenting in my own kitchen, and I have just recently learned this. Some of you may scoff, having figured out this technique long ago, but I hope it’s as helpful for some of you as it has been for me. I’ve also learned that a sharp knife is the key to a less, shall we say, emotional performance. A dull knife actually disturbs an enzyme which produces a gas which mixes with your tears and produces a painful acid. I guess it boils down to a choice — get yourself some good knives or an emotionally repressed partner to do your chopping. (I’ve got both.)


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