Ironman fantasy league

PNF in 1996,

PNF in 1996.

In our latest bodacious blogista blogalicious challenge, we decided on a (not-so) Secret Santa style question series. Liz posed the following question to me: “Who would you like to see attempt an Ironman and why? It can be someone you know or someone you don’t know. Go.”

I’ve been mulling this over for 24 hours now and am having trouble coming up with a definitive answer. Even if someone specific did stand out, I’m not sure I could fill a whole post with the whys. Maybe this is cheating, but I resorted to a listicle, because, if the Internet has taught us anything, they’re easier and get more traffic. ;)

Tim Ferris, because he would crush it on 4 hours of training a week on a diet of canned sardines.

Short course stars like The Brownlee brothersJavier Gomez (1:09:27 run split at the 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship?!), Gwen Jorgensen, and Emma Moffatt (she was part of “getting me into” tri back in 2008).

Matthew Inman of The Oatmealbecause his comics are amazing, and I’d love to see his take on Ironman, if it’s anything like his running ones.

Jim Gaffigan, because it would yield pure comedic gold.

Amy Schumer, because (see above).

Paula Newby-Fraser, because she’s one of my favorite people and it would be rad to see her back out there and amusing to hear her reflections on training again.

My good friend Solveig, because she’s a badass cyclist.

My cousin Laura, because she loves exercising more than anyone I know, and she’s a badass runner.

Trump, because Ironman would win.

Any of my favorite artists, writers, or poets because I’d want to read whatever they wrote or said about the experience, as well as any of my favorite celebrity crushes because I’d get to meet them and they’d bring the paparazzi to Kona, which would be fun. How’s the for vague, Liz? ;)

Please leave YOUR ideas in the comments, and as per usual, visit HaileyChristine, Liz, Erin, Caitlin, Laurel, and Elizabeth for more fun questions and answers.

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