vignettes: 6.1.16

I like first days of the month. Ordinary days, really, stamped with a pretty number “1.” Our arbitrary organization of time offering us supposed new beginnings. Hell, I’ll take it.

My mom has done a great job of holding down the proverbial fort lately, but today I felt like the URL I’ve nurtured over the years needed some “Jen love” (as my boss puts it). It’s been almost two months since I last wrote, and I’m fighting the urge to SHARE ALL THE THINGS. But it’s late as I write this, and I’m in a hotel in Florida, drained of creativity. So, below are some brief glimpses of what spring has looked like in my little slice of the world, characterized by a rare economy of words for this rambler.

Nor Cal »Yes, I went back to California just a week after my trip to San DiegoWords/phrases: Santa Cruz. Monterrey. Big Sur. Sea Otter. Baby seals. Open ocean. Epic riding. Solo time. San Francisco. Coffee. Calamari. Old friends. New realities.

Long run from Santa Cruz to Capitola.

Oh, this view. (Photo: Henry Heisler)

musette » I joined a local cycling group; mostly because of their awesome kits, and one particularly awesome new friend. Words/phrases: New routes. Pace lining. Views. Beer. Climbing. Ferries. The Sunshine Coast. Salami. Smiles. 

So many pictures to choose from after just a month of riding with this crew.

At Red Truck Brewing after a ride.

goodbyes » To this lady, my dear Grandma Ward. Words/phrases: Googly buns. Gentleness. Relief. Memories. Family. Nostalgia. Peace. Love. Grace.

I’ll always remember her with a smile on her face.

home » In May I stayed put, and it was right where I needed to be. Words/phrases: Lilacs. Kits pool. Beach picnics. Brunch dates. Spanish Banks group rides (ouch!). Carrot smoothies (almond milk + yogurt + carrots + nutmeg + cinnamon + turmeric + frozen banana). The latest seasons of House of Cards and Girls. Non-fiction. New running playlists (Chvrches!). Kombucha attempt #4. Long weekends. Late sunsets.

Twilight picnic.

BRITE camp » Last weekend I capped off my home-body month with a trip to Whistler for an Ironman Canada camp put on by BRITE CoachingWords/phrases: New friends. Rain. Recon. Encouragement. Hills. Wetsuit battles. Getting aero. Getting lost. Shivering. Pemberton Meadows. Beauty. Beet pizza. Sweet potato fries. Fatigue. Winning at naps. Intentions. Dreams. 

Course recon part I.

Shivering in the rain before our long run.

Found 2 minutes to snap a pic at a gas station (otherwise I was too busy hauling ass to keep up with some fast mates)

These days I’m feeling excited about a lot of things, and I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin. Of course there’s always more to chase, but right now those two small victories are good enough for me.