fuel me: muesli fusion

A few weeks ago, the owner of a new breakfast cereal company contacted me to see if he could use my award-winning (no not really), Aussie-inspired (yes indeed) Bircher muesli recipe on their website.

Now, despite being in love with this recipe and and sharing it enthusiastically to whoever will listen, I’m also always on the lookout for a deal: this guy presumably had something worth trading for. I said yes, of course, throwing in the polite request for a sample. I had to see how my precious recipe might be put to use, right?

muesli fusion flavors

I soon received three of the seven available Muesli Fusion flavors: Athlete Fuel (whole grains/almonds/cashews/raisins/pumpkin seeds/flax seeds) Morning Zen (gluten free oats/cranberries/raisins/almonds/pumpkin seeds/flax seeds), and Super Muesli (rolled oats/quinoa flakes/chia seeds/hemp seeds/coconut/cranberries/almonds). Isn’t it amazing how well said founder appears to know me? An athlete who appreciates the little slice of calm breakfast can bring. And yeah, pretty much super, thankyouverymuch.

muesli fusion with strawberries

I couldn’t wait to try substituting these three for my usual bulk-bin concoction. And with skyrocketing temps and humidity, all I wanted was my paradoxically cool, yet stick-to-your-ribs breakfast.

Without even giving the muesli the dignity of photographing their product without torn tops, I stole a few handfuls of the stuff raw before I even got it home. So far, so good. A few days later, I poured apple juice over a bowl of the Super variety, stirred in some yogurt (as per the Bircher way), and let time do the rest.

muesli fusion bircher muesli

The verdict? Where has this muesli been all my life! (OK, in the last two years that I’ve even accepted muesli as a legitimate breakfast food)? Maybe it was my genius ratios, but the end product was the perfect consistency—creamy but toothsome, and with the perfect balance of sweet and tart, crunchy and chewy. I figured this stuff must be far beyond my breakfast budget (currently at about $2-something per pound I pay at the bulk store) was looked up the price with trepidation. $6.99 for a 12-ounce bag.

Definitely not cheap like borscht, but it wouldn’t break the bank, either.

muesli fusion cereal

Muesli Fusion was founded by muesli lovers just like me: People in search of something to look forward to in the mornings by finding the right balance of ingredients. And I’m not sure where they find these “carefully selected thick rolled grains that hold up well when soaked,” but they do just that—and better than anything I’ve found yet in the bulk bin.

If you love muesli as much as I do, do yourself a favor and head over to Muesli Fusion‘s store and pick up a bag for yourself. The inner Swiss in you won’t be disappointed.

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